How many bundles do I need?

Each bundle from the Noelle Hair Collection is 3.5-3.7 oz of pure fullness! 10"-14" inches requires 2 bundles. 16"- 24" inches requires between 3/4 bundles. 26" inches and longer requires 4 or more bundles.

Can the hair be colored?

Yes, please consult with a professional stylist for best results.

How long does the hair last?

Up to 2-3 years with proper hair maintenance.

Any tips for proper hair maintenance?

* Before installation of the hair, please co-wash for better hair results. (Creme of Nature Argan Oil & TRESemme shampoo/conditioner are highly recommended) *Use a paddle or wig brush to brush the hair direction from bottom to top. *Body wave hair: At night, use flexirods to maintain curls. *Straight hair: Wrap hair with a silk scarf at night to reduce frizziness and ensure longer lasting straightness. *Indian Curly/ Deep Wave: two strand twist into about 4-6 twists. * Always use a silk bonnet or scarf to tie down hair. * Remember to keep your hair clean for longer lasting results!